How money really makes you happy

In our blog post last month, we talked about the need to look ‘beyond the numbers’, to look at what mattered to you and how financial planning is a different activity than merely organising your finances in the most appropriate and tax efficient way.

This month, we wanted to take those ideas forward a few steps and explore them a little further.

Take money as a starting point. Money is normally accepted as the driver of all things. Indeed, we are ‘financial’ planners and we help our clients with money matters.

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Market Comment – Telling Sid Again

I am old enough to remember the first crop of state sell-offs under the Thatcher government in the early 1980s. Actually, I am sufficiently old to remember the de-nationalisation of the steel
industry, but that’s another story. Now, under the first proper Conservative administration for eighteen years, it seems we are returning to the age of “tell Sid”, for those who remember the campaign to encourage us to buy shares in British Gas. Lloyds Bank shares are to be made available to private investors, with smaller potential buyers being prioritised. Popular capitalism may be on its way back.

Market Comment 6th October

Planning beyond the numbers

For current clients and partners of Brunel, you’re likely to already be well aware that financial planning is not all about the numbers. For anyone new to ourselves and financial planning, however, it’s always worthwhile to revisit just what we do and how it differs from merely being ‘money organisation’.

Financial planning is designed to go ‘beyond the numbers’ to discover what it really is that you want the numbers (and, of course, money) to do for you. The important thing for us (and you) is to know where you want your money to take you.
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The Dash

We were recently reminded of Linda Ellis’ poem The Dash, which you can read in full here.

The Dash talks about the life of a man who has passed away, being talked about by his friend at the funeral. The friend refers to everything that he had done and achieved during his life as being represented by ‘the dash’; the space between the two dates of birth and death on his headstone.

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Success or happiness (or both) ?

When sitting down to think about your financial planning, ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ are often equated with each other.

Success leads to happiness, conventional wisdom dictates; with one comes the other.

Success and happiness though are very broad ideas. The majority of people, reading the above, are likely to equate success as referring to a successful career. Happiness in your personal life is then a result of this, whether from simply being happy that you have been successful in your working life or, perhaps more likely, feeling as though your successful career has given you the funds to pursue things that make you happy.

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September Market Comment – Tricky Times

China is proving slow to go away as a perceived problem for investors. While the shock announcement of its, admittedly modest, currency devaluation against the US dollar did not produce the mayhem in foreign exchange markets many feared, worries over the extent of the slowdown taking place in the world’s second largest economy continue to undermine sentiment. Life may have become a little calmer of late, but there remains much speculation over the extent of the Chinese slowdown.

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Should ‘What’s your number?’ actually be ‘What are your numbers?’

As we’ve mentioned before, it is part of our job as financial planners to keep up with industry research, revisit old trends and basically make sure we are on top of the full financial picture for all of our clients. Read more …

Merging business and personal financial planning can pay dividends

For those of you who are business owners, or who have business owners as clients, it is likely that a relatively large amount of your wealth is currently placed within your business.

This arrangement is doubtless one of necessity, created at business formation, but it can cause problems for your financial planning. Read more …

Learning from these 5 Bristol business successes

As a Bristol business ourselves, we’re always ready and happy to celebrate the success of fellow local businesses, organisations and concerns. There has been a lot of positive news from the city recently, as it continues to thrive and grow as a whole and so, this month, we thought we would highlight these great stories from fellow Bristolians and their great aims, drives and companies. Read more …

Thinking of using the new pension freedoms? Think cash flow planning first.

As financial advisers, one of the most important exercises we will carry out with clients is cash flow planning.

For those of you who have been through this process already, you’ll know that it provides a wonderfully clear look forward into the future at your financial situation at any given point. Read more …

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