Vote Results: What is the most important financial planning activity for you in 2016?

In January, we took the opportunity to run a survey to ask you what the most important financial planning activity was for you in 2016. Thank you very much to all who participated.

First and foremost, feedback showed that it is very difficult to narrow down your financial planning priorities to just one choice!

If you remember, we ran both a Twitter poll and a survey through our regular email communications with you.

The results were:

20% voted to ‘manage to save more money’
40% voted to ‘save for a major purchase, eg a house’
40% voted to ‘save to fund their retirement’

We’re always very interested to learn from our clients (and from those of you who are not yet clients) about what your financial priorities are. It helps us make sure we’re on track with the type of advice we offer.

The purpose of the poll was just to get a very informal snapshot of what most people are saving for in 2016. The pool was probably not large enough to get hard and fast statistics but it makes interesting reading nonetheless. What is clear, and what we would agree with wholeheartedly, is that all the options are vitally important.

We provide financial planning in all these areas and see some real success stories where clients have been able to fund something they have been saving towards for a long time as a result.

If you missed the chance to participate and would still like to add your view, we are re-running the poll this month. Feel free to share this with your friends, clients and connections, so we can get as wide a view as possible.

The Challenge

These are the four choices to choose between! Which is your priority?

Saving to fund retirement
A major purchase (e.g. house)
Preparing an inheritance
Managing to save more

To vote in the poll, you can click here, mark your selection and click ‘submit’.